Guest Users • External ID Access Support (XIAS)

(If you received a XIAS setup code via e-mail, please note that this is the same as an invite code, and you can complete the registration through the Enter Invite or Reset Code link in the sidebar.)

Persons who are formally affiliated with UAB gain access to university-managed electronic resources by means of an officially recognized credential called a BlazerID. A non-UAB person who needs access to these resources is not eligible to create a BlazerID, and must utilize a guest user credential known as a XIAS account.

The username portion of a XIAS account is most often the e-mail address of the guest user, paired with a self-assigned password. In some cases, however, an additional username in the form xias-xyz-123 is designated for use with Microsoft-based resources such as Sharepoint.

Guest users must be sponsored into the system by a UAB employee, who is also responsible for assuring that the appropriate online resources have been authorized for use by the XIAS account. Note that some resources (e.g., the Visitor Wifi service) do not use XIAS accounts -- see the link below for more info.

You may select one of the function links in the left sidebar to setup or manage an existing XIAS account, or refer to the main UAB Guest User Accounts page for further information and assistance.

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